کمال گرایی طاعون سیاهی‌ست که نابودگر خود و اطرافیان است، حتی اگر به اطرافیان سرایت نکند بی‌شک زندگی‌شان را تباه میکند. بزرگترین علامت این بیماری عدم پذیرش است، عدم پذیرش خود و یا دیگران. چطور بدون پذیرش می‌شود عاشق بود؟ مگر اولین گام عشق پذیرش نیست؟


The path is one of losing, why not lose everything at once deliberately? What is the driving force that brings tomorrow? Is there a tomorrow?

A Tree

Who in his right mind would shake his fist at a tree and cry, ‘You foolish piece of wood! Why did you begin to yellow your leaves while it is only autumn! Why are your branches not straight! Why are you growing so oddly and asymmetrically!’ Who among us would treat a tree with such a folly? Yet, we treat humans all the same.

Who Am I?

Never in my life, was I, Maki Toshiro, pained to madness and disease by a question as simple as ‘Who am I?’ The question – or wrestling with that question – almost killed me a few times, and each time I survived, I begged for death and asked, ‘Why don’t you let me go?’ There was no answer, though I knew this experience was trying to teach me something.

Pricing Life

What is scarce is valuable, and what is superabundant has little value. How then, such great weight is given to the value of life? Why is life of any value on a planet whose every metre is filled with life?

The Romanticisation of Science

Children are fascinating to watch; almost everything is a matter of unknown to a child, so he is neglectfully cautious, and hysteric. “What is this? What is that?” A child is a curious little devil uneasy to learn everything that does not concern him. Or does everything concern him? The unknown indeed concerns the eyes that dare to see, and the eyes that are cowardly.

In Search of a Value System

How should the world be interpreted? Who has the ultimate answer to the question of life? Man has been searching for the One True Answer, but he only found structures within which the world can be viewed; he could never find the ultimate answer, for it does not exist – he is merely a seeker of answers, and never a creator of them.

The Womb of Evil

Quite terrified he was, though he had no choice but to examine the dead body before the police would arrive. She had a tattoo behind her left ear. Why didn’t Edwin notice that before?

The Divinity of Seriousness

Smile and laughter are sacred. Not only their appearance are beautiful but also their underlying structure is heavenly. How joyful it is to smile at the beauty of nature and its perfection. It is perfect indeed, for there is no alternative to such splendid beauty.

Practical Forgiveness

If wrath and love are two of the most powerful emotions, or states of being (to be more accurate), where does the act of forgiving fit? In the middle of love and hate? Probably not. Then one must wonder, what is the use of forgiving? Or, why would there be a need to forgive?

Shaving Head: A Means of Subduing the Mind

Man is seldom free. He is enslaved. Who did enslave him? the self or the mind? and by what means of empowerment? Human mind is enslaved by its own.

On Writing: A Terrifying Phenomenon

One might think of writing as a peaceful, calming act. Although that is true, sometimes, the essence of writing is not quite peaceful. It is brutal if done truthfully. Writing, in all its forms, could be a means of exploration. Any uninformed exploration could be dangerous.

The Accolade: A Dialogue

On the second drink Merritt began whispering along with the jazz song that was being cried in the pub. He burst into tears by the heart-touching moaning of the trumpet.

A Dialogue on Freedom of Speech

“Come over here, kid. I have things to tell you,” said the father.
“What sorts of things, dad?” said the son.
“First, tell me, how old are you, son?”
“So, now I should tell you about one principle. That is freedom of speech.”

In the Light of Fire

Man pondered in the soothing sound of night.
He contemplated of hunting, for body and mind.

Clewliest: A Short Story

“Oh, Mrs. Kerns! How are you today?”

“Aren’t you supposed to be working this time of day, dear?” said Mrs. Kerns.

Diet as a Religion

One can simply look into what one consumes on a daily basis, and then question why one would consume those particular items rather than other things. For example, one can wonder, “Why am I having bread in my breakfast every morning?”

On Eating, Part II: A Brief Investigation

I guess we can all agree that having a full stomach is the most basic need, not a desire that any species could close their eyes on in order to achieve the ultimate happiness. Now, what happens when one’s basic need is satisfied?

On Eating: A Brief Investigation

Of course we eat mostly because we need the required energy to go through the day. But that’s only one reason human eats. In this modern age, most of the population feed on sugar for different reasons. Carbohydrates are easy to get; they are cheap.

Waiting For the Perfect Time

Wait, and wait. It will never come the perfect time.
Waste, and waste. You will never use the perfect time.