Waiting For the Perfect Time

Wait, and wait. It will never come the perfect time.
Waste, and waste. You will never use the perfect time.

What Is Procrastination?

Have you ever done meditation? The most basic technique is to sit comfortably, and breathe. You might start thinking about random things, but the key is to direct your focus back to breathing. So, that would be like inhaling, getting lost in thoughts, trying to focus on the breath, and exhaling, and then repeating the same process again.

Procrastination is a lot like meditation, the difference is what lies in the middle of the process. You want to do something, you get lost, and you focus again, and then you go back to where you were in the beginning: procrastination.

Is laziness procrastination? Or is it the other way around? Why some people don’t have the motive to do what they’d like to do, while others are engaged in doing what comes from their heart? The short answer, I reckon, would be as simple as this: you are a weak, lazy procrastinator, and no excuse is accepted or whatsoever. (I’m telling myself that, to be honest.)


Procrastination requires one important element to function properly, and that would be an excuse of some sort. Remember the meditation metaphor. An excuse could be in the middle. Sometimes waiting for the right time to do one simple thing is a kind of excuse that we make in order to not do the thing we should do.

Now we have a better definition of procrastination: wanting to do something, “Ah, bollocks! Not now,” and going back to the beginning.

The function of excuses are not only wasting one’s time, but also offering the illusion that everything is moving forward according to a plan. Therefore, one would think, after wasting long periods of time, that he or she was always in the need of something to get done what he or she always desired.

Get Rid of Excuses

I’d like to learn to play the piano. But I can’t, because I don’t have enough spare time.
Make no excuses, Ash! Go learn!
I’m not sure if it’s me who’s making excuses, or is it something making and/or giving me the excuses.

What is an excuse? And who makes it? All I know is that I do not know anything about it now.

For the sake of argument, let’s say, it is not an excuse that one is making, it is a struggle to find meaningful work. But one cannot wait for the meaningful work to reveal itself. One must keep looking by testing different kinds of works in order to discover the meaningful ones among them.

One can, probably, think of an excuse as a destructive device. Maybe that’s what its function is: to destruct. If that is so, how can one dare to make excuses? Do we make excuses purposely to damage things, like our souls?

One must be able to pay good attention to excuses, and avoid them at all costs. One must see them as destructive elements that can ruin lives, and then perhaps one will be able to avoid them.

Do It

You have all you need to get it done. So, do it. If you don’t have the necessities, achieve them. Don’t be waiting for the perfect time, for it never comes.

This is not a motivational essay, because you and I both know perfectly that maybe nothing good will come out of us, and that is most likely the case, but what is important is to make an effort. Make an effort. Enjoy your effort regardless of how useless your effort might be.